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2x Shiny Bath™ XXL Drying Towels

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✨ No streaks or limescale

💧 Highly water absorbent

♻️ Machine washable

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Use and care

Pull slowly and evenly over the surface to be dried.
Wring cloth out well and hang to dry.

Examples of use:
Bathroom: shower enclosures, sinks, faucets, taps, bathtubs, tiles and grout.

To remove lime deposits, water residues and to eliminate fogged windows and mirrors.

Car: painted surfaces, car windows.

Please always follow the manufacturer's recommendations for the objects or surfaces to be treated.
Do not use on rough or sharp-edged surfaces, as this may damage the fabric of the fiber.

Cleaning instructions
Machine washable

Do not tumble dry. Do not iron.

Wash with similar colors.
Please do not dry on the heater to prevent possible staining.

Wash microfiber products in Shiny Wipes WASHING BAGS without adding other textiles. This is gentle on the fibers and prevents lint from sticking.

Discover the Ultimate Shower Drying Solution - Swift and Effortless!

Embrace a limescale-free and pristine shower experience! Introducing Shiny Bath™ Drying Towel, your ticket to a hassle-free drying process. Say farewell to the days of frustration – within seconds, revel in glistening dry surfaces. Ditch the shower squeegee and wet towels for good, and say hello to effortless brilliance!

Gleaming Surfaces, No Streaks: Unlock the Art of Spotless Cleaning!

Experience a streak-free, pristine bath with our revolutionary dry cloth! Purpose-built to banish unsightly streaks and stubborn stains, this cloth effortlessly dries tiles, glass doors, fixtures, and mirrors to perfection. Embrace a spotless shine that gleams with brilliance, and discover the magic of re-polishing for that stunning, showroom finish.

Say Goodbye to Limescale Woes: Experience a Lime-Free Oasis!

Unleash the Power of a Lime-Free Wonderland! Bid farewell to those pesky lime spots haunting your tiles and floor. Our cutting-edge drying towel ensures a flawlessly dry bathroom, keeping unsightly lime stains at bay. Revel in a sparkling sanctuary that remains lime-free for years to come, guaranteeing a truly blissful experience every day.

One Tool, Endless Applications: Discover the Versatility You Crave!

From gleaming windows and spotless sinks to sparkling faucets, mirrors, kitchen countertops, and even your beloved car - Shiny Bath™ delivers effortless drying prowess in every realm. Embrace the boundless versatility of this towel and bask in flawless results on any surface, making cleaning a breeze and your world shine like never before.

Hear It Directly from Those Who Love Us Most - Customer Testimonials!

Still on the fence? Join the ranks of over 45,300+ ecstatic customers and counting, who have experienced the magic of Shiny Wipes™ firsthand! Here's just a glimpse of what our delighted customers have to say about the extraordinary performance of our Shiny Bath™ Drying Towel:

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Get your Shiny Bath™ Drying Towel now

  • Easy and fast drying of your shower
  • Dirt- and streak-free result
  • Limescale-free bathroom
  • Highly absorbent - absorbs 28 oz / 800 ml of water
  • XXL size - 15.7x26.6 in / 40x60 cm

Frequently asked questions

Is the towel machine washable?
Yes, the Shiny Bath™ towel is machine washable.

Is the drying towel suitable for the dryer?
No, please refer to the "Use and care" paragraph for further care instructions.

Why does the towel have two different sides?
The slightly textured side is ideal for removing light dirt and lime deposits. This side is also suitable for polishing fixtures and glass surfaces. The extremely absorbent curly fibers on the other side are highly absorbent.

Is the Shiny Bath™ Drying Towel also suitable for shower doors?
The towel and edges are scratch-free, making it safe for shower doors and other glass.

Is the towel also for suitable for my car?
Yes. The soft, absorbent fibers are ideal for drying painted surfaces without scratching.

Product specifications

15.7x26.6 in / 40 x 60 cm

Microfiber, cotton


Our shipping times are composed as follows:

I) Processing

We need 12-48 hours to process the order. This includes the packing of the order, a quality control, the transfer to the carrier, etc.

II) Delivery

Depending on the shipping method, between 4-8 business days.

Our Shiny Wipes satisfaction guarantee

With over 79,200+ satisfied customers, we are confident in Shiny Wipes™ and our service. However, if you are dissatisfied, please feel free to contact us. Together we will find a customer-oriented solution.